Welcome to Green Village Concept – a dream being build up in Valdreu, a small land near the magic of World Heritage mountains of the Natural Park of Peneda-Gerês (North of Portugal).

A place to live, to be, to enter in contact with Nature, to create, to dream, to share, to be happy. A paradise concept of the new century with old traditions and knowledges integrated.

Visit our gallery for viewing the process of construction and the magic of our home!


9 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Ricardo Martins

    OLä PEssoal

    Ovosso projecto faz me muito acreditar. A Virgini aqui do espaco compasso ligou-nos a voces.

    como chegar aï? E quando?

    Abraco Ricardo e Arlete 😉 e todos………..

  2. manuvoisin

    ye on a bien tripe sur les fotos superbe site
    je t envoie le lien



  3. dania campos

    so grandes e boas ideias maninhu…td natural e ecologico…optimo msm..para alem d ser a nossa terra..tou ansiosa por tirar uns dias ai..
    continuem o bom trabalho k estao a fazer!!!

  4. hello people i am interested in hosting a facilitator course in portugal this would be very interesting for existing communities or future ones. we are arriving in the end of september or beginning of October we are a group of people whit a goal of building a community together but we lack skills in communication and team building so thats a reason for this course if some of you are up to it contact me for details muito obrigado abraco forte . my email whenthesungoes@gmail.com

  5. “Green Village Concept” was indeed really pleasurable and enlightening!
    In modern universe honestly, that is tricky to execute. Thank you,

  6. “Green Village Concept | Life in Nature” telusspin was quite engaging and educational!
    Within modern universe that is hard to accomplish.
    Thx, Holley

  7. A green building depletes as little of the natural resources during its construction and operation.this blog is helpful for readers and i agree with all views and information..nice blog.

  8. WOW! Green Village Concept is such a beautifull place run by the most beautifull beings that stole our hearts. We had the honour to stay with our group of 10 people and absorp the great vibrations of this magical area and learn so much for our future community plans in Portugal! Thanks you guys,

    Nothing but L.O.V.E.

    (the Netherlands)

  9. Sarka Tishman

    hello friends… my name is Sarka.. I am longing to go back to the nature.. me and my boyfriend need a place where we can settle down, grow our own food and build a little house out of nature materials.. we would love to be a part of such community.. we are ready and can travel anytime… please, if anyone knows and can help us or direct us to a such safe place, please email me.. thank you so much and have a wonderful day 🙂

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