Wood constructions – Bungalow

In here we use a lot of wood as a material for building. It has many good qualities that we enhance here:
– Durability (when treated)
– Easy to use and work
– Visual effect
– Integration with the environment
– Excellent isolation from cold and hot temperatures
– It’s organic and lives
– others…

We have build already one big bungalow with 3 rooms and a living room, that we bought pre-fabricated and we assembled in the place. We choose this option because of the low price, the good quality and the simplicity in building. This bungalow as got double glass windows, asphaltic roof and an excellent isolation. This is our first home! =)

First, we build the plataform for receiveing the bungalow. In this picture it’s the main frame that take more less 2, 3 weeks to build to be perfect leveled. After this we build the floor on the top of this structure.

And here it is already finished, with the bungalow build, varnished (with eco-varnish that came with the house), and with a terrace, stairs, fence and decoration made by us.

It is wonderful to see now the result. Many times we look to the plataform and imagine everything completed and a comfortable place to sleep, eat and live. The reality now is better than what we have dreamed. =)


For now this bungalow is for us to use and to receive some friends that would like to stay a few days with us. Soon it will be to rent, by rooms or fully.

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