Little things, great value

Day by day we create according to our need. And this makes us to give value to all little things.

One of the main things that we learn each day, is to be patient. In “normal” life, you start your day by opening the fridge and taking something to eat, you put in the microwave or eat in the stove, eat fast and go to work. We cannot do that. We had to build a natural fridge, were we created 3 containers and connected with tube, allowing that the water from the river passes through the containers. We keep some of our products inside these containers. The principle is that where water is running it keeps the temperature cold. And it works perfectly!

Than if we want to cook something we need to collect wood (if not made and kept in a stock before), ignite the fire and cook slowly in the barbecue or in the wood stove. And it takes a long time to cook in this way, but the food as got a wonderful taste and it’s healthy.

So, step by step we create or receive little things that improve our comfort and life. But always knowing that in fact we do not need anything to be happy. It’s all in our minds!


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