Family growing

We have write, a time ago, a post about the family. And now we update with this new post because the family is growing.

So, at this moment we are 7 people working and living in this little paradise. And with us, our beloved animal friends that we introduce to you with this pictures.

Gaspar – the horse

We bought Gaspar when he was 6 months old. He is beautifull and an inspiration to see him running in the terrain. He is very gentle and loves to eat!


Genshai – the alfa male of the pack

He is the leader, the example for the other dogs. He is a Portuguese Podengo and loves to run. He is the first to receive any person that arrives on the door.

Estrela – the little mascot

She is very clever and all the time that we call her, she lays down with the belly up, to receive cuddles! She is lovely and very calm. Genshai and her are friends since ever.

Zion – the future guard

He is a mix between portuguese Serra da Estrela and German sheppard, a good combination to become a guard dog. He’s still young (3 months old) and he is almost bigger than all the other dogs.


Tuna – the delicate smiling dog

She is a mix of Siberian Husky and loves to sleep in the sun. Always smiling, delicated and gentle. Come to our home because she had to be locked all the time where she used to live. Now she is free!


Cacao – the energetic one

The youngest of the family, found on the street, imediatly adapted to his new home and family. Quiet energetic, always playing with his best friend Zion. We think he is a mix of a portuguese breed Castro Laboreiro.

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