We are delightfull to receive you whenever you want to come.

If you would like to come and experiment life in Nature, in a simply way, please do it.


Schedule – Open all year, everyday.

In the land we have a nice river with a natural beauty, with small lagoons and waterfalls, where you can swim, take a bath and enjoy the refreshing and healing waters of Gerês without living the camping.

A mini-market close by (15 minutes walking/ 2 minutes by car)

Close to Terras de Bouro village (5 minutes by car) with many interesting points and shops
(Gas station, Supermarket, Free wireless internet, River beach, Tourism post, Restaurants, etc…)

1 bath room with hot water

1 container and water to wash clothes.

Barbecue and tables near the tents

Spot for making a fire at night

Community kitchen with wooden hoven

Creperie (for lunch and dinner)

Dogs are allowed.


Tents – Donation: 5€ per person/ per night

Room in bungalow – Donation: 10€ per night/ per person

There’s also avaible tents that you can use.

Note: We do not have electricity, but that contributes to be able to see the most beautifull sky, full of stars!

NOTE: At the moment we have five dogs living with us and they are always free (if necessary they have a space to be locked). They are nice and gentle and this is also their home. So, we ask you to be receptive with this 5 friends. You are welcome to also bring your pets.

We are sure you will love this magic place and we will learn with each others. =)

Please leave a comment on this page or send a mail to:


3 thoughts on “Accomodation

  1. Beatriz Graça

    Nice project of life!! May one day I will visit you, I love Geres and nature!
    Live in a simple way always have atract me, but we need to leave all behind! that is a great step…

  2. Olá.
    Estou a viver perto de Vieira do Minho (Ventosa) com o meu filhote numa casita k aluguei onde tenho uma pequena horta.
    Interessa-m muito a sustentabilidade, permacultura, musica e artesanato. Estive recentemente a dar aulas de equitação com garranos mas agora estou a iniciar-m na arte da filigrana.
    O meu David já está crescidinho (17meses) e decidi voltar “à estrada” conheci este projecto através do Pedro no facebook.
    gostava de saber onde fica exactamente a vossa quinta. No google maps atraves da pesquisa Valdreu nao me deu nada.

    Até breve ^^

    Sara e David

  3. it is a dreame for me to live the way you do.i’ll like to visit you.i’m a farmer and build my house,i live simple life in a simple way.i’m a vegetarian .would like to do volunteering work, hope to see you this summer. thank you

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